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...My own feeling is that ngythanh is a very sensitive and humane man who feels a bit lost about what to do about all the victims of circumstances he finds around him in his part of the world. He was a news photographer in the Vietnam war, and has had a pretty hard life, seen things most of us will never see, and for sure it's affected him. An honourable man seeking answers. Philip Coggan.

: 2004-11-29
: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 10D, Canon EOS 3
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Title: Unknown to meCanon EOS 20D
Unknown to me
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United States
Title: WindyCanon EOS 3
Windy (6)
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United States
Title: Green Patern TWOCanon EOS 3
Green Patern TWO (÷)
ngythanh (26)
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